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Permanent System for the Allocation of Seats in the European Parliament

Workshop for the Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO), Brussels, 14 February 2024

  • Workshop Agenda [pdf=171KB]
  • Expert briefings
    • Friedrich Pukelsheim / Geoffrey Grimmett: Power Compromise – An objective, fair, durable and transparent fix for the EP composition [pdf=204KB]
    • Victoriano Ramírez Gonzáles: A mathematical formula for determining the EP composition [pdf=434KB]
    • Manuel Müller: A permanent system for seat allocation in the EP – Reconciling degressive proportionality and electoral equality through proportional completion [pdf=607KB]

AFCO Proceedings

  • Ana Collado Jiménez / Niklas Nienaß: Draft Report on a Permanent system for the allocation of seats in the European Parliament (2023/2104(INL)). Committee on Constitutional Affairs of the European Parliament. PE 758.177v02-00, 22 January 2024. [pdf=172KB]

Further Links

  • Andrew Duff: In Search of a Methodical Approach to Seat Apportionment in the European Parliament. Verfassungsblog 2024/2/16

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