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Berechnung von Anzahlen mit Zuteilungsmethoden im Internet
Calculation of Allocations by Apportionment Methods in the Internet

Short link address:     www.uni-augsburg.de/bazi

Download: BAZI Version 2014.11 [zip=3.26MB]
Download: BAZI Version 2014.11 [tar.gz=3.26MB]

System requirements: BAZI is a Java program, requiring the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or higher. You can verify your computer's Java version by visiting www.java.com and executing the "Verify Installation" step. If needed, the site offers a convenient JRE download. The full family of Java tools, of which JRE is just one item, is available at the Java site.

  • The ABC of Apportionment Literacy: The Augsburg Bazi Collection of Proportional Representation Literature [html=380KB]
  • The ABC of Apportionment Numeracy: The Augsburg Bazi Pseudo-Code [html=25KB]
  • The ABC of Apportionment Programming: The Augsburg Bazi Java Code [zip=507KB]
  • Bazi Manual (December 2007, 23 pages) [www.opus-bayern.de/uni-augsburg/volltexte/2007/711/]
  • RBazi – A Package to Access BAZI from R [Visit RBazi homepage]
  • ABBaziE – A Bridge between BAZI Files and EXCEL Worksheets [zip=5MB], Manual [pdf=1MB]
  • Vorschlag für § 6-7 BWahlG zur Vermeidung negativer Stimmgewichte (September 2008, 2 Seiten) [pdf=75KB]
  • Die Divisormethode mit Standardrundung (Sainte-Laguë/Schepers): Verfahrensnorm, Vollzugshinweise, Erläuterungsbeispiele (März 2010, 4 Seiten) [pdf=93KB]
  • Kommunalwahlen in Bayern der Jahre 1996, 2002 und 2008 [zip=3.01MB]
  • stp-R-package: Seat transfer paths for power-mean apportionment methods and for stationary apportionment methods [zip=12KB], Manual [pdf=346KB]

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