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The Reform of the European Electoral Law

Public Hearing of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, European Parliament, Brussels, 4 December 2014

  • Topics and draft programme [pdf=1MB]
  • Andrew Duff: Democratic Legitimacy in the European Union: Taking a New Look at the Composition and Electoral Procedure of the European Parliament. [pdf=180KB]
  • Brendan O'Leary: Confederal and Federal Legitimacy and Turnout. [pdf=270KB]
  • Friedrich Pukelsheim/Kai-Friederike Oelbermann: Reinforcing Uniformity in the Election Act: Gentle Interim Arrangements in 2019 Towards Systematic Double-Proportionality in 2024. [pdf=120KB]
  • Friedrich Pukelsheim/Kai-Friederike Oelbermann: Reform of the European Electoral Law. Zeitschrift für Staats- und Europawissenschaften – Journal for comparative Government and European policy 4/2014 (12. Jg.) 549-559. [pdf=305KB]
  • Andrew Duff/Friedrich Pukelsheim/Kai-Friederike Oelbermann: The Electoral Reform of the European Parliament: Composition, Procedure and Legitimacy. In-Depth Analysis for the AFCO-Committee. European Parliament, Directorate-General for Internal Policies, Policy Department C: Citizen's Rights and Constitutional Affairs, PE 510.002, February 2015, 18-25. [pdf=2MB]

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