What is dynamic mathematics?

Learning environments with dynamic mathematics can serve as catalysts for change. They allow visualisations that are not possible by means of traditional media for teaching. In contrast to constructions on paper or on the blackboard, constructions with dynamic mathematics can be changed and varied on the screen dynamically. Furthermore integrated computer algebra systems bridge gaps between geometry, algebra and calculus. They allow to measure lengths, angles or the coordinates of points and to use these measurements for further calculations. They offer working with functions and integrating graphs of functions in dynamic constructions.



What is a dynamic worksheet?

When designing learning environments with dynamic mathematics, one faces the necessity to relate dynamic constructions to texts, e.g. for explanations or exercises. For this purpose software for dynamic mathematics can be embedded in HTML-files. So dynamic constructions can be varied on the screen and are combined by the internet browser with texts, pictures, links and other web-elements. This kind of new media is called “dynamic worksheet“.



InnoMathEd and dynamic mathematics

The main difficulty of this media is the question how learning environments with dynamic mathematics should be designed didactically and used methodically. The software is only a tool to give students the opportunity to work self-responsibly and cooperatively in order to explore and to discover mathematics as well as to develop fundamental key competences. InnoMathEd will tackle these needs: The project will develop didactic concepts for teaching and learning with dynamic mathematics fostering key competences as well as best practice examples of innovative learning environments.