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Oberseminar Differentialgeometrie


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Manuel Krannich
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

spricht am
Montag, 12. Juni 2023
16 Uhr s.t.
Raum 2004 (L1)
über das Thema:

»Exotic tori, actions by $SL_d(Z)$, and mapping class groups«

One of the distinctive feature of the $d$-dimensional torus $T^d$ is that it admits a faithful smooth action by $SL_d(Z)$, so one might wonder whether such an action (or any nontrivial action) also exists for exotic tori i.e. smooth $d$-manifolds that are homeomorphic but not diffeomorphic to $T^d$. I will discuss this and related questions in the talk, based on joint work with M. Bustamante, A. Kupers, and B. Tshishiku.


Hierzu ergeht herzliche Einladung.
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hanke

Kaffee, Tee und Gebäck eine halbe Stunde vor Vortragsbeginn im Raum 2006 (L1).

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