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Siegel der Universität Augsburg


Analysis-Seminar Augsburg-München


Professor Dr. Nicola Fusco
(Università di Napoli "Federico II")

spricht am
Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2023
17:15 Uhr
TUM, Boltzmann-3, Garching, Raum 03.08.011, Etage 3
über das Thema:

»Local and global minimizers for a capillarity type problem«

I will present a model for vapor-liquid-solid growth of nanowires where liquid drops are described as local or global volume-constrained minimizers of the capillarity energy outside a semi-infinite convex obstacle modeling the nanowire. I will first discuss global existence of minimizers and then, in the case of rotationally symmetric nanowires, I will explain how the presence of a sharp edge affects the shape of local minimizers and the validity of Young's law. Finally, I will present some recent regularity results for local minimizers and the connections of this problem with an isoperimetric inequality outside convex sets.


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