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Analysis-Seminar Augsburg-München


Professor Dr. Claudia Negulesco
l'Université Paul Sabatier

spricht am
Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2023
15:45 Uhr
TUM, Boltzmann-3, Garching, Raum 03.08.011, Etage 3
über das Thema:

»Multiscale numerical treatment of the electron/ion kinetic model of fusion plasmas in the low electron/ion mass-ratio regime«

The main concern of this talk is the presentation of a multi-scale numerical scheme for an efficient resolution of the electron-ion dynamics in thermonuclear fusion plasmas. The starting mathematical model is based on a multi-species Fokker-Planck kinetic model, conserving mass, total momentum and energy, as well as satisfying Boltzmann’s H-theorem. Firstly, an asymptotic limit is performed, letting the electron/ion mass ratio going towards zero, ε->0, in order to obtain a reduced model, consisting of a thermodynamic equilibrium state for the rapid electrons (adiabatic regime), whereas the slow ions remain kinetic. Secondly, we develop a first numerical scheme, based on a Hermite spectral method, and perform numerical simulations to investigate in more details this (kinetic towards macroscopic) asymptotic electron/ion limit. The specificity of this method is the fact that it permits considerable improvements in simulation time for small ε-values, as in such regimes very few Hermite modes have to be taken into account.


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