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Oberseminar Differentialgeometrie


Professor Dr. Urs Frauenfelder
Universität Augsburg

spricht am
Montag, 24. April 2023
16 Uhr s.t.
2004/L1 und Zoom (hybride Veranstaltung)
über das Thema:

»Doubly symmetric orbits are good«

This is joint work with Agustin Moreno. Doubly symmetric periodic orbits play an important role in many problems in celestial mechanics as well as in the dynamics of atoms. For example the direct and retrograde periodic orbit in Hill's lunar problem are doubly symmetric or Langmuir's periodic orbit in the dynamics of the Helium atom is doubly symmetric. In the talk we show that a doubly symmetric periodic orbit is never negative hyperbolic so that all its iterates are good orbits in the sense of Symplectic Field Theory (SFT). The proof of this result uses a real version of Krein theory and the GIT quotient.

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Hierzu ergeht herzliche Einladung.
Prof. Dr. Urs Frauenfelder

Kaffee, Tee und Gebäck eine halbe Stunde vor Vortragsbeginn im Raum 2006 (L1).

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