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Oberseminar Differentialgeometrie


Dr. Ricardo Augusto E. Mendes
University of Oklahoma

spricht am
Montag, 25. Oktober 2021
16:15 Uhr
1009/L und Zoom (hybride Veranstaltung)
über das Thema:

»Manifold submetries and their Invariant Theory«


(Joint work with Marco Radeschi and Samuel Lin)

Manifold submetries are a geometric generalization of isometric group actions, as well as of singular Riemannian foliations. For the round sphere, we show that manifold submetries are in one-one correspondence with a certain class of algebras of polynomials intimately related to the Laplace operator, and which generalize the algebra of invariants in classical Invariant Theory. In current work in progress, we use tools from Spectral Geometry to relate this algebra to the geometry of the orbit/leaf space.

If you want to take part via Zoom please ask Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hanke for­ login details.


Hierzu ergeht herzliche Einladung.
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hanke

Kaffee, Tee und Gebäck eine halbe Stunde vor Vortragsbeginn im Raum 2006 (L1). Dies ist ein Online-Vortrag.

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