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Seminar Topics in Symplectic Geometry


Shuaipeng Liu
Universität Groningen, Niederlande

spricht am
Montag, 25. Mai 2020
10:00 Uhr
über das Thema:

»Existence of Riemannian Metrics with Positive Scalar Curvature on Complete Intersections«

In this talk I will first introduce the topological K-theory by introducing some basic properties of vector bundles as the set-up. A brief framework of multiplicative sequence and topological genus is introduced to give the very useful A-genus. By restricting the object to the spin manifold and the spin cobordism ring, Atiyah and Milnor got an very important ring-homomorphism from the one-point KO-ring to the spin cobordism ring. Based on Stolz’s well-known theorem on the spin manifold, use A-genus to give the existence conditions of Riemannian metrics which admit positive scalar curvature on complete intersections. This talk is based on my master’s thesis. It can be seen as a report and an application of the first-stage study of Atiyah-Singer’s index theory.


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