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Oberseminar Differentialgeometrie


Kyler Siegel
Columbia University

spricht am
Montag, 13. Januar 2020
16:00 Uhr
Raum 2004 (L1)
über das Thema:

»Introduction to symplectic capacities«

Symplectic geometry provides a natural mathematical framework for studying the dynamics of classical mechanical systems. Surprisingly, there are many global properties of these dynamical systems which were not anticipated by physicists. Symplectic capacities are numerical invariants associated to subdomains of Euclidean space which are used to encode "symplectic nonsqueezing" phenomena. Starting with Gromov's celebrated paper of 1985, various symplectic capacities have been constructed using Floer theory, gauge theory, and variational methods. In this talk, I will survey some of the main developments, open problems, and recent progress.


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Prof. Dr. Kai Cieliebak

Kaffee, Tee und Gebäck eine halbe Stunde vor Vortragsbeginn im Raum 2006 (L1).

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