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Jahrgang 2018
  Daniel Peterseim, Dora Varga, Barbara Verfürth
From Domain Decomposition to Homogenization Theory
  Pavel Hajek
Twisted IBL-infinity-algebra and string topology: First look and examples
  Dirk Blömker, Claudia Schillings, Philipp Wacker, Simon Weissmann
Well Posedness and Convergence Analysis of the Ensemble Kalman Inversion
  R. Altmann, C. Zimmer
Time discretization schemes for hyperbolic systems on networks by ε-expansion
  R. Altmann
A PDAE formulation of parabolic problems with dynamic boundary conditions
  Ronald H. W. Hoppe, James J. Winkle
Numerical solution of a phase field model for polycrystallization processes in binary mixtures (pdf)
  Robert Nicholls
Syzygies for periodic orbits in the restricted three-body problem
  Christian Kuehn, Jonas M. Tölle
A gradient flow formulation for the stochastic Amari neural field model
  Michael Feischl, Daniel Peterseim
Sparse compression of expected solution operators
  Lisa Beck, Giuseppe Mingione
Optimal Lipschitz criteria and local estimates for non-uniformly elliptic problems
  Fritz Colonius, João A. N. Cossich, Alexandre J. Santana
Invariance pressure of control sets
  George Raptis, Wolfgang Steimle
On the h-cobordism category
  Wolfgang Steimle
An Additivity theorem for cobordism categories
  Ronald H. W. Hoppe, James J. Winkle
A Splitting Scheme for the Numerical Solution of the Kobayashi-Warren-Carter System (pdf)
  Robert Altmann, Patrick Henning, Daniel Peterseim
Quantitative Anderson localization of Schrödinger eigenstates under disorder potentials
  Roland Maier, Daniel Peterseim
Explicit Computational Wave Propagation in Micro-Heterogeneous Media
  Jonas M. Tölle
Stochastic evolution equations with singular drift and gradient noise via curvature and commutation conditions
  Patrick Beissner, Jonas M. Tölle
A compact topology for σ-algebra convergence
  Günter Hinrichs, Martin Kolb, Vitali Wachtel
Persistence of one-dimensional AR(1)-sequences
  Denis Denisov, Alexander Sakhanenko, Vitali Wachtel
First-passage times over moving boundaries for asymptotically stable walks
  Lisa Beck, Miroslav Bulíček, Franz Gmeineder
On a Neumann problem for variational functionals of linear growth
  Robert Altmann, Eric Chung, Roland Maier, Daniel Peterseim, Sai-Mang Pun
Computational multiscale methods for linear heterogeneous poroelasticity
  F. Colonius, A. J. Santana, João A. N. Cossich
Invariance pressure for control systems
  F. Colonius
Invariance entropy, quasi-stationary measures and control sets
  Fritz Colonius, Guilherme Mazanti
Decay rates for stabilization of linear continuous-time systems with random switching

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