Preprints des Instituts für Mathematik, Jahrgang 2016

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Jahrgang 2016
4   Lothar Heinrich
Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Stable Limit Laws in Wicksell's Corpuscle Problem
3   Christian Bräu, Lothar Heinrich
Mixing Properties of Stationary Poisson Cylinder Models
2   Lothar Heinrich, Friedrich Pukelsheim, Vitali Wachtel
The Variance of the Discrepancy Distribution of Rounding Procedures, and Sums of Uniform Random Variables
1   Jan Natolski, Ralf Werner
Mathematical Foundation of the Replicating Portfolio Approach


Weitere Preprints des Jahrgangs 2016 (z.B. ArXiv; nicht vollständig)

  Dennis Eriksson, Nuno M. Romão
Kähler quantization of vortex moduli
  Diarmuid Crowley, Thomas Schick, Wolfgang Steimle
Harmonic spinors and metrics of positive scalar curvature via the Gromoll filtration and Toda brackets
  Denis Denisov, Dmitry Korshunov, Vitali Wachtel
At the Edge of Criticality: Markov Chains with Asymptotically Zero Drift
  Denis Denisov, Alexander Sakhanenko, Vitali Wachtel
First-passage times for random walks with non-identically distributed increments
  Michael Wiemeler
On moduli spaces of positive scalar curvature metrics on certain manifolds
  Michael Wiemeler
Moduli spaces of invariant metrics of positive scalar curvature on quasitoric manifolds
  Jost Eschenburg, Bernhard Hanke
Bott Periodicity, Submanifolds, and Vector Bundles
  Lisa Beck, Miroslav Bulíček, Erika Maringová
Globally Lipschitz minimizers for variational problems with linear growth
  Bernhard Hanke, Peter Quast
Γ-structures and symmetric spaces
  Julian Braun, Bernd Schmidt
Existence and Convergence of Solutions of the Boundary Value Problem in Atomistic and Continuum Nonlinear Elasticity Theory
  George Raptis, Wolfgang Steimle
Parametrized cobordism categories and the Dwyer-Weiss-Williams index theorem
  Seongchan Kim
Homoclinic orbits in the Euler problem of two fixed centers
  Marcel Bökstedt, Nuno M. Romão
Divisor braids
  Urs Frauenfelder, Otto van Koert, Lei Zhao
A convex embedding for the rotating Kepler problem
  Urs Frauenfelder, Christian Lange, Stefan Suhr
A Hamiltonian version of a result of Gromoll and Grove
  Tom Farrell, Wolfgang Lueck, Wolfgang Steimle
Approximately fibering a manifold over an aspherical one
  Urs Frauenfelder, Andrei Pajitnov
Finiteness of π1-sensitive Hofer-Zehnder capacity and equivariant loop space homology
  Luigi Amedeo Bianchi, Dirk Blömker, Meihua Yang
Additive noise destroys the random attractor close to bifurcation
  Bernhard Hanke
Bordism of elementary abelian groups via inessential Brown-Peterson homology
  Dirk Blömker, Philipp Wacker, Thomas Wanner
Probabilistic Estimates of the Maximum Norm of Random Neumann Fourier Series
  Bernd Schmidt
A Griffith-Euler-Bernoulli theory for thin brittle beams derived from nonlinear models in variational fracture mechanics
  Dmitry Ioffe, Yvan Velenik, Vitali Wachtel
Dyson Ferrari–Spohn diffusions and ordered walks under area tilts
  Kai Cieliebak, Tobias Ekholm, Janko Latschev, Lenhard Ng
Knot contact homology, string topology, and the cord algebra
  Seongchan Kim
Dynamical convexity of the Euler problem of two fixed centers
  Lisa Beck, Miroslav Bulíček, Josef Málek, Endre Süli
On the existence of integrable solutions to nonlinear elliptic systems and variational problems with linear growth

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