Preprints des Instituts für Mathematik, Jahrgang 2014

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Jahrgang 2014
10   Christopher Wulff
Coarse Co-Assembly as a Ring Homomorphism
9   Peter Quast, Makiko Sumi Tanaka
On the Geometry of Symmetric R-Spaces
8   Peter Quast, Makiko Sumi Tanaka
Distances of Polars in Pointed Symmetric R-Spaces
7   Lothar Heinrich
Lower and Upper Bounds for Chord Power Integrals of Ellipsoids
6   Lothar Heinrich
Gaussian Limits of Empirical Multiparameter K-Functions of Homogeneous Poisson Processes and Tests for Complete Spatial Randomness
5   Wael W. Mohammed, Dirk Blömker
Fast Diffusion Limit for Reaction-Diffusion Systems with Stochastic Neumann Boundary Conditions
4   Markus Göhl, Karl Heinz Borgwardt
The Average Number of Pivot Steps of the Simplex-Algorithm Based on a Generalized Rotation-Symmetry-Model
3   Wael W. Mohammed, Dirk Blömker
Fast-Diffusion Limit with Large Noise for Systems of Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Equations
2   Fabian Reffel
Termination of the Iterative Proportional Fitting Procedure
1   Nguyen Thanh Son, Tatjana Stykel
Model Order Reduction of Parameterized Circuit Equations Based on Interpolation


Weitere Preprints des Jahrgangs 2014 (z.B. ArXiv; nicht vollständig)

  Peter Albers, Kai Cieliebak, Urs Frauenfelder
Symplectic Tate homology
  Denis Denisov, Vitali Wachtel
Universality of local times of killed and reflected random walks
  Kai Cieliebak, Klaus Mohnke
Punctured holomorphic curves and Lagrangian embeddings
  Simon Kapfer
Computing Cup-Products in integral cohomology of Hilbert schemes of points on K3 surfaces
  Kai Cieliebak, E. Volkov 
A note on the stationary Euler equations of hydrodynamics
  Manuel Friedrich, Bernd Schmidt
On a discrete-to-continuum convergence result for a two dimensional brittle material in the small displacement regime

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