Preprints des Instituts für Mathematik, Jahrgang 2009

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Jahrgang 2009
36   Dieter Jungnickel
Characterizing Geometric Designs II
35   Dieter Jungnickel
Characterizing Geometric Designs
34   Christopher Linsenmann
On the convergence of right transforming iterations for the numerical solution of PDE constrained optimization problems
33   Dirk Blömker, Yongqian Han
Asymptotic compactness of stochastic complex Ginzburg-Landau equation on an unbounded domain
32   Olga Ruff, Friedrich Pukelsheim
A stochastic synopsis of binary voting rules
31   Fritz Colonius, Uwe Helmke
Entropy of controlled-invariant subspaces
30   Christoph Kawan
Upper and Lower Estimates for Invariance Entropy
29   Fritz Colonius, Christoph Kawan
Invariance Entropy for Outputs
28   Harbir Antil, Matthias Heinkenschloss, Ronald H. W. Hoppe, Christopher Linsenmann, Achim Wixforth
Reduced order modeling based shape optimization of surface acoustic wave driven microfluidic biochips
27   Lothar Heinrich
On Lower Bounds of Second-Order Chord Power Integrals of Convex Discs
26   Lothar Heinrich, Malte Spiess
Berry-Esseen Bounds and Cramer-Type Large Deviations for the Volume Distribution of Poisson Cylinder Processes
25   William G. Litvinov, Talal Rahman, Xue-Cheng Tai
A modified TV-Stokes model for image processing
24   Malte A. Peter, Michael H. Meylan
A general spectral approach to the time-domain evolution of linear water waves impacting on a vertical elastic plate
23   Malte A. Peter, Michael H. Meylan
Water-wave scattering by vast fields of bodies
22   Dirk Blömker, Arnulf Jentzen
Galerkin approximations for the stochastic Burgers equation
21   Xuejun Xu, Huangxin Chen, Ronald H. W. Hoppe
Local multilevel methods for adaptive nonconforming finite element methods
20   William G. Litvinov
Optimal control of electrorheological clutch described by nonlinear parabolic equation with nonlocal boundary conditions
19   Ronald H. W. Hoppe, Svetozara I. Petrova
Multi-scale method for the crack problem in microstructural materials
18   Dirk Blömker, Bernhard Gawron, Thomas Wanner
Nucleation in the One-Dimensional Stochastic Cahn-Hilliard Model
17   Harbir Antil, Matthias Heinkenschloss, Ronald H. W. Hoppe
Domain Decomposition and Balanced Truncation Model Reduction for Shape Optimization of the Stokes System
16   Michael Hintermüller, Ronald H. W. Hoppe
Goal-oriented adaptivity in pointwise state constrained optimal control of partial differential equations
15   Xuejun Xu, Huangxin Chen, Ronald H. W. Hoppe
Optimality of local multilevel methods on adaptively refined meshes for elliptic boundary value problems
14   Ali Ünlü
Knowledge Space Theory and Item Response Theory
13   Ali Ünlü
A note on the connection between knowledge structures and latent class models
12   Ernst Heintze, Christian Groß
Finite order automorphisms and real forms of affine Kac-Moody algebras in the smooth and algebraic category
11   Harbir Antil, Matthias Heinkenschloss, Ronald H. W. Hoppe, Danny C. Sorensen
Domain Decomposition and Model Reduction for the Numerical Solution of PDE Constrained Optimization Problems with Localized Optimization Variables
10   Harbir Antil, Roland Glowinski, Ronald H. W. Hoppe, Christopher Linsenmann, Tsorng-Whay Pan, Achim Wixforth
Modeling, simulation, and optimization of surface acoustic wave driven microfluidic biochips
9   Carsten Carstensen, Ronald H. W. Hoppe
Unified framework for an a posteriori error analysis of non-standard finite element approximations of H(curl)-elliptic problems
8   Anatol Sargin, Ali Ünlü
DAKS: An R Package for Data Analysis Methods in Knowledge Space Theory
7   Ali Ünlü, Thomas Kiefer, Ehtibar N. Dzhafarov
Fechnerian Scaling in R: The Package fechner
6   Stefano Testa, Bruno Simeone, Friedrich Pukelsheim
ABBaziE - A Bridge between Bazi and Excel
5   Friedrich Pukelsheim, Bruno Simeone
On the Iterative Proportional Fitting Procedure: Structure of Accumulation Points and L1-Error Analysis
4   Friedrich Pukelsheim, Peter Leutgäb
Listenverbindungen bei Kommunalwahlen - Ein Glücksspiel
3   Dirk Blömker, Marco Romito
Regularity and blow-up in a surface growth model
2   Dirk Blömker, Wael Wagih M. E. Elhaddad
Amplitude equation for SPDE with quadratic nonlinearities
1   Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Johannes Neher, Natascha Sharma
A Posteriori Error Analysis of Hybridized Mixed Finite Element Methods for Second Order Elliptic Boundary Value Problems

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