Preprints des Instituts für Mathematik, Jahrgang 2007

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Jahrgang 2007
43   Lothar Heinrich
Central Limit Theorems for Motion-Invariant Poisson Hyperplanes in Expanding Convex Bodies
42   Sebastian Maier, Friedrich Pukelsheim
Bazi: A Free Computer Program for Proportional Representation Apportionment
41   Christian Pötzsche, Martin Rasmussen
Computation of nonautonomous invariant and inertial manifolds
40   Friedrich Pukelsheim
Putting Citizens First: Representation and Power in the European Union
39   Sebastian Maier, Petur Zachariassen, Martin Zachariasen
Divisor-Based Biproportional Apportionment in Electoral Systems: A Real-Life Benchmark Study
38   Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Joachim Schöberl
Convergence of adaptive edge element methods for the 3D eddy currents equations
37   Anda Degeratu, Katrin Wendland
Friendly giant meets pointlike instantons? On a new conjecture by John McKay
36   Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Guido Kanschat, Tim Warburton
Convergence Analysis of an Adaptive Interior Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin Method
35   Ali Ünlü, Silke Brandt, Dietrich Albert
Test Surmise Relations, Test Knowledge Structures, and their Characterizations
34   Ali Ünlü
A Note on Monotone Likelihood Ratio of the Total Score Variable in Unidimensional Item Response Theory
33   Ulrich Fahrner, Antony Unwin
Adaptive Verfahren zur Analyse und Verbesserung realer Lehr-Lern-Systeme
32   Ali Ünlü
Nonparametric item response theory axioms and properties under nonlinearity and their exemplification with knowledge space theory
31   Antony Unwin, Martin Theus, Wolfgang Härdle
Exploratory Graphics of a Financial Dataset
30   Dirk Blömker, Franco Flandoli, Marco Romito
Markovianity and ergodicity for a surface growth PDE
29   Antony Unwin
Parallel Coordinates for Parallel Events -- Graphical Analysis of Decathlon Results and the Decathlon Points System
28   Antony Unwin, Chun-houh Chen, Wolfgang Härdle
Introduction to the Handbook of Computational Statistics and Data Visualization
27   Antony Unwin
Good Graphics?
26   Stefan Krömer
Existence and symmetry of minimizers for nonconvex radially symmetric variational problems
25   Stefan Krömer, Hansjörg Kielhöfer
Radially symmetric critical points of nonconvex functionals
24   Lars Diening, Christian Kreuzer
Linear convergence of an adaptive finite element method for the p-Laplacian equation
23   Fritz Colonius, Wolfgang Kliemann
Controllability properties of nonlinear behaviors
22   William G. Litvinov, Talal Rahman, Ronald H.W. Hoppe
Model of an electro-rheological shock absorber and coupled problem for partial and ordinary differential equations with variable unknown domain
21   Harbir Antil, Andreas Gantner, Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Daniel Köster, Kunibert G. Siebert, Achim Wixforth
Modeling and simulation of piezoelectrically agitated acoustic streaming on microfluidic biochips
20   Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Svetozara I. Petrova
Combined mesh superposition method and homogenization approach for a crack problem in periodic composites
19   Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Svetozara I. Petrova
On the return mapping algorithms in structural optimization of biomorphic ceramics
18   Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Christopher Linsenmann, Harbir Antil
Adaptive path following primal dual interior point methods for shape optimization of linear and nonlinear Stokes flow problems
17   Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Michael Kieweg
Adaptive finite element methods for mixed control-state constrained optimal control problems for elliptic boundary value problems
16   Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Michael Kieweg
A posteriori error estimation of finite element approximations of pointwise state constrained distributed control problems
15   Friedrich Pukelsheim
A Parliament of Degressive Representativeness?
14   Michael Hintermüller, Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Yuri Iliash, Michael Kieweg
An A Posteriori Error Analysis of Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Distributed Elliptic Control Problems with Control Constraints
13   Michael Hintermüller, Ronald H.W. Hoppe
Goal-Oriented Adaptivity in Control Constrained Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations
12   Alexandra Gaevskaya, Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Sergey Repin
Functional Approach to A Posteriori Error Estimation for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems with Distributed Control
11   Fritz J. Foss, II., Roland Glowinski, Ronald H.W. Hoppe
On the Numerical Solution of a Semilinear Elliptic Eigenproblem of Lane-Emden Type, (II): Numerical Experiments
10   Fritz J. Foss, II., Roland Glowinski, Ronald H.W. Hoppe
On the Numerical Solution of a Semilinear Elliptic Eigenproblem of Lane-Emden Type, (I): Problem Formulation and Description of the Algorithms
9   J. Manuel Cascon, Christian Kreuzer, Ricardo H. Nochetto, Kunibert G. Siebert
Quasi-Optimal Convergence Rate for an Adaptive Finite Element Method
8   Pedro Morin, Kunibert G. Siebert, Andreas Veeser
Convergence of Finite Elements Adapted for Weak Norms
7   Pedro Morin, Kunibert G. Siebert, Andreas Veeser
A Basic Convergence Result for Conforming Adaptive Finite Elements
6   Norbert Gaffke, Friedrich Pukelsheim
Vector and matrix apportionment problems and separable convex integer optimization
5   Norbert Gaffke, Friedrich Pukelsheim
Divisior Methods for Proportional Representation Systems: An Optimization Approach to Vector and Matrix Apportionment Problems
4   Dietrich Braess, Carsten Carstensen, Ronald H.W. Hoppe
Convergence Analysis of a Conforming Adaptive Finite Element Method for an Obstacle Problem
3   Stéphane Bordas, Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Svetozara I. Petrova
Mechanical Failure in Microstructural Heterogeneous Materials
2   Harbir Antil, Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Christopher Linsenmann
Optimal Design of Stationary Flow Problems by Path-Following Interior-Point Methods
1   Harbir Antil, Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Christopher Linsenmann
Path-Following Primal-Dual Interior-Point Methods for Shape Optimization of Stationary Flow Problems

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