Prof. Dr. William G. Litvinov


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Room: 3039
Address: Universitätsstr. 14
86159 Augsburg

Prof. Dr. William G. Litvinov     Institut für Mathematik


Born:             May 10, 1934; Kiev, Ukraine.
Marital status:   Married-1962.

Academic record.                  

1957       Diplom in mechanical engineering from Kiev Polytechnic
1964       Candidate of Engineering Sciences. Kiev, Institute of 
           Mechanics  Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Inst. Mech.
           Ac. Sci. Ukr.).
1971       Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. University
           of Kiev.

Professional record.  

1957-1960  Design engineer of the machine manufacturing factory in Kiev.
1960-1963  Graduate student in mechanics. Inst. Mech. Ac. Sci. Ukr. 
1963-1968  Junior research worker. Inst. Mech. Ac. Sci. Ukr.
1968-1981  Senior research worker. Inst. Mech. Ac. Sci. Ukr.
1983       Diplom of Professor of Mechanics and Mathematics.
1981-1997  Head of the research laboratory "Optimization and Optimal
           Control of Mechanical System", Inst. Mech. Ac. Sci. Ukr.
1988-      Work at the Universities of Darmstadt, Munich and Stuttgart
01.09.2000 Research worker at the University of Augsburg.