Registration for the Graduation Ceremony 2018

anmeldung_absolventenfeier For the registration for the graduation ceremony 2018 of the Insti­tute of Phy­sics on Fri­day the 13th of July 2018, we ask you for the following in­for­ma­tion.

The fields marked with * are obligatory. In­for­ma­tion can be chan­ged/up­da­ted by sen­ding it a­gain. Thank you.

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Faculty Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Materials Engineering
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Please send us a pic­ture which descri­bes the topic
of your  the­sis via email to joachim.deisenhofer@physik.uni-augsburg.de 
with the  subject: your first and last name.

At the gra­du­ation cere­mony we will show this pic­ture with the title of your the­sis and the name of your super­vi­sor as part of a beamer presentation.
-> Exam­ple for the pre­sen­ta­tion

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Registration for the graduation ceremony
I register for the graduation cere­mony of the
In­stitute of Phy­sics on Fri­day the 13th of Ju­ly 2018. I agree that my data are go­ing to be sa­ved for the pur­pose of or­gani­zing.
Unfortunately I cannot parti­ci­pate in the event, or rather have to can­cel my regis­tra­tion.
Accompanist *

I am going to come with accompanist/s.

Plase support the organization and funding of the event by donating 10 Euro for each accompanying person. Please transfer the corresponding amount to the account of the MPV: Stadtsparkasse Augsburg, SUBJECT: Absolventenfeier Physik, IBAN: DE08 7205 0000 0810 6232 23 BIC: AUGSDE77XXX . Thank you



The event is sponsored by
Mathematisch-Physikalischer Verein, the asso­cia­tion of the alum­ni of the MathNatTech.-Facul­ty.

Contribute to mea­sures supporting the next ge­nera­tions of young natural scientists and stay connec­ted with the Uni­ver­si­ty of Augs­burg and its Na­tu­ral Scien­ces:
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